This site is part of my paxological, even paxosophical (=peace-wisdom oriented) attempt to further peace in the world, in this case between men and women.

We cannot have peace if there is a war going on between the sexes. And there is, currently. Very fiery and violent at times.

I see my job as twofold.

A) To create some sense of proportion in what is going on, not least with the #MeToo-campaign but also generally in “feminist” discussion. This entails defending men to a degree, trying to be more just towards men.

B) The second part of my job is more difficult, and more rare. Because the part about defending men is already handled by some people, even women. However, defense unfortunately easily turns into attack. And thus the beat, and the beating, goes on.

That is not going to lead to peace, only to more fighting, more conflict and hate (often in the name of justice). Not least it leads back to that very favorite game of mankind: finger-pointing.

Finger-pointing, focusing on what YOU are doing and at the same time ignoring our own acts is one of the very basic obstacles to peace.

“It is YOUR fault!”

“It’s the fault of men!”

“It’s the fault of feminists!”

If I would fault somebody it would be “enemists”, those who enjoy fighting enemies real, imagined, or created.

I am myself tempted to do only the easier half of the job, standing up for my rights as man and claim justice for menkind. But that would be lame, half-hearted peace walking.

Finally, this site is for those peaceful souls who would like to see harmony rather than tension between the sexes. Women who like, love and value men — who can see the good we also are doing — and men who can see what a poor world this would be without our sometimes better halves.

There is something grander and more important than fear, suspicion and anger.


Ladislaus Horatius