My Christmas Video

I have just uploaded a video to YouTube. It should have been posted earlier (recorded already on 1-st of December).

It is a reflection if not encompassing then at least touching on many aspects of my peace research.

  • The movement from neutral Agon (which, it now seems, can also be tied to the cosmic Lila) to Antagonism and Agony.
  • Our enjoyment of conflict and war seeds. (This factor is an enormous hurdle and obstacle to peace. What we enjoy seems benign; why should we give it up…?)
  • The problematic nature of feminism and the nowadays taken for granted, more or less totally accepted role of anger, aggression and verbal violence in it.
  • That wondrous event in WWI, the Christmas Truce that now looks like a gift, given to us who were not even born then as an example of Possible Peace in the midst of Actual War.
  • The role or Air and Music in relation to peace. This is easy to nod “yes” to, but harder to really comprehend. Music moving from one trench to the enemy trench can help to visualize the dynamic.
  • The need for gender peace in the picture of (inter)national peace.  I hear nothing about gender in peace discussions, apart from the common clichés, often couched in feminist terminology. This is hard to swallow, but the peaceful aspiration of some/many (not all) forms of feminism is in question.
  • The concept of “enemism” presented here is imperfect but can help to clarify at least certain things. Namely that our thinking, actions, and not least ideologies often rely on a polarization where the Enemy (Antagonist, Adversary, Foe) is the most important figure. Without him, the war, animosity and aggression would stop. There is thus an actual (but seldom admitted) NEED for an enemy, who is almost our raison d’être.

Actually quite a lot of threads to follow and think through.

I hope the video reaches peace walkers, folks  who really put peace above “rights”. You can be a fighter for rights (not least your own) and still be stuck in, work in, feel in and think inside an egoistical, blaming, win-lose, Your loss-My gain (&v.v.) paradigm.

Peace needs to be win-win (as music making in essence is). That’s why we have so much to learn about peace by studying music.

Merry Christmas all!

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