The (im)possibility of it all

Norah Vincent lived one and a half year pretending to be a man (Ned), in order to understand the world of men.

During this time she/he, among other things, dated women. Here’s a quote from her book “Self-made man”.

My excruciating dates … were often alienating and grating enough to make me wonder whether getting men and women together amicably on a permanent basis wasn’t at times like brokering Middle East peace.

I believe we are that different in agenda, in expression, in outlook, in nature, so much so that I can’t help almost believing after having been Ned, that we live in parallel worlds, that there is at bottom really no such thing as that mystical unifying creature we call a human being, but only male human beings and female human beings, as separate as sects.

This is sad. At the same time it is heartening that somebody “infiltrated” the male camp to see how life tastes over here.

Maybe peace and understanding is not possible, but that is a poor reason not to aim for it. Failure can be a noble thing. At least it shows that you have tried.


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