The Christmas Truce

In 1914, in the Big War (WWI), around Christmas, something wondrous happened.

Soldiers in enemy camps very close to each other put down their weapons. For a few moments the war stopped and peace reigned. Enemy soldiers shook hands, joked, played football, exchanged Christmas presents, as if to say “This is not really OUR war…”

And what started this? Music! Christmas carols. Another sign that music, in contrast to economy, religion, politics and even philosophy, is an agent of peace.

If I would have been a soldier there and then I would have thought: WE are not each others enemies. War comes from the inability of politicians to joke, play football and exchange presents. And the best present to anyone is to really listen to them.

Here a most touching video about the Christmas truce. I hold that it contains higher energy of a rare, peaceful kind. Some people feel it, and cry.

All that was in 1914.

Now it is soon Christmas 2017. The viral campaign of #MeToo is part of our current gender war. Is it possible to have a gender truce as well? To lay down our weapons (our very harsh words) and to play football, exchange kind thoughts with each other, to converse, not debate, quarrel and accuse? Maybe even give each other presents?

It is my hope that we can. If German and British soldiers who’s job it was to kill each other could, maybe men and women also can.

Merry Christmas!

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